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WebStore Overview

WebPay is a new and powerful online payment solution that is offered in the Bahamas for the first time by Digital Pixxels, Tripoint Communications and Royal Fidelity Bank. This payment solution allows ecommerce businesses to accept payment from customers shopping online.

Getting started is easy: After you purchase our WebPay Business package, our web team will do all the work for you. First, we analyze your company’s needs, then we provide all the technical tools needed to implement and integrate your website’s payment gateway and product category.

For businesses that currently don’t have a website, our professional web team can provide a free consultation and quote.

Why choose a WebPay Business?

Shopping online is the fastest and most convenient way for your clients to shop and pay immediately for your products and services. Offering WebPay to your clients will increase your business sales and enhance their customer experience.

Will my sales receipts be deposited to a local Bahamian bank?

Yes. All purchases are processed by Fidelity Bank and the funds get deposited to your existing business account.

Do I have to open a Fidelity Bank Account?

No. Fidelity Bank is the official payment processing bank. You can keep your existing business account at your bank, and your proceeds will be transferred through ACH to your bank from Fidelity Bank. Alternatively, you can elect to access your funds at Fidelity Bank via a Fidelity Prepaid MasterCard.

Do I need to have an ecommerce website to purchase your WebPay package?

Yes. You will need to have an ecommerce website. If you don’t have an ecommerce website, no worries. We can design and develop an online store for your business. Please complete the following: | eCommerce Website Request form.

What is the difference between WebPay Business & WebPay Web Designers package?

Both packages are used for online payment processing. However, the Business package comes with full installation services and support provided by our web development team, while the Web Designer’s package is sold exclusively to web designers and developers who are responsible for the installation.


Note:  Google recently changed its guideline that governs the index and ranking websites. All websites have to be responsive to mobile devices to be ranked by Google. All our website projects are custom designed and 100% responsive.

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