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webdesignWith more than a decade of doing business, digitalPixxels has garnered a vast amount of experience implementing and integrating cutting-edge web technologies across many business sectors including businesses of all sizes.  Over the many years we have delivered an extensive variety of industry solutions combined  with comprehensive services that have contributed to our client’s success and achieving their objectives.


What makes digitalPIXXELS effective? We have many experienced professionals and specialists that are equally passionate about delivering creative designs and exemplary services.  Our team of designers, developers, marketing strategists, content writers, project managers and business consultants work together to assure that each of our clients’ projects are fully developed based on the scope of the project.

We deliver high quality graphic designs and print services to clients that span across the globe.

We build websites, but more importantly we build relationships and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  For that reason, we offer website maintenance services to eliminate the worries and technical concerns that come with operating a website.

List Of Services


This image is a vector file representing a responsive design apps concept on various media devices.

Above is a sample of a responsive website design showing how it adapts to  the various  mobile media devices.



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e-commerceWe offer a variety of ecommerce solutions that  can be implemented to make your online store rich with powerful ecommerce features and functions.

Even startups and small businesses can now benefit from the ease and convenience of 1 page check-out, order tracking, multiple payment gateways, online marketing, reports generation, and automated customer service. These and many other enterprise features are now available to our small business clients. Click on the button below to read more and get started.

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We offer 2 basic types of landing pages:

  1. Click through landing page typically used in ecommerce funnels, they can be used to describe a product or offer detail so as to “warm up” a potential customer to the point where they are closer to making a purchasing decision.
  2. Lead generator page is used to capture user data, such as a name and email address. The sole purpose of this type of landing page is to collect information that will allow you to market to the prospect at a later date..
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Your logo design as well as other printed materials should send a clear and concise message regarding the benefits of your product or service.

Our design process focuses on creating images with strong messaging and appealing aesthetics. We take out the complication and  confusion that are typically associated with poorly conceptualized logos.

We encourage you express yourself, be bold but be concise!


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We create custom Magento eCommerce solutions that address your unique business needs by incorporating your business requirements  to satisfy your complex user types.


Magento offers lots of features that can be implemented to make your online store rich with powerful ecommerce functions. These features include, easy one page check-out, order tracking, multiple payment gateways, online marketing, reports generation, and automated customer services. Even basic features include shopping cart, catalog management, search, customer account creation and administration functions are designed to enhance the user’s experience.


Magento can evolve along with your business… A Magento site can start off as a simple one and evolve and expand to a site for a global business enterprise. Our projects come with full maintenance and  after support that allows our clients to focus on what they do best.


Creating an effective corporate identity and brand is a specialized and deliberate process.  When properly implemented, this marketing solution can be very powerful in making your businesses distinct and very interesting.


We help you create your brand and a positive image, so you can project a professional and a successful business image to the world.  The primary tools we use are collaterals such as: business cards, letterheads, brochures, website and other print marketing materials. However, we go beyond that by helping you offer a user experience that will be special too all your visitors to your website.


Content Management System provides an easy way to add and maintain  content (text, images and plugins features) on your website. It has also provided the ability for non-technical employees to update, maintain and manage their website with ease.

CMS platform is a great solution used by companies big and small to maximize their efficiency and get desired results. The software is feature rich and it’s easy to understand and implement.  Moreover, CMS is used in many technical platforms, from aesthetically designed websites and blogs, to powerful ecommerce solutions.


Maintaining your website is essential to smooth business continuity and productivity. Website modules become dated over time as developers and designers continue to innovate and push new web technology forward. However, the no. 1 reason why you should keep your site maintained is, your content should not remain stagnant and stale. Your website has to continue to be relevant by providing value and offering an overall positive user experience. To this end, you need to regularly service and maintain your site.  We actively monitor your site for software updates, broken links, bandwidth latency issues, and website uptime. We approach each client as a business partner, treating your website as our very own.


Email Set-up & Maintenance

We offer full maintenance packages to all of our clients and non digitalPIXXELS websites. Included in our monthly maintenance is our email setup and management services. This comprehensive email maintenance covers all server-side and client email setup.   Our dedicated team of technical professionals is available to you 24/7 via email, phone or text.


A good content writer can take your complicated idea and turn it into an easily understandable piece that pleases your readers, and keeps more eyes on your site. Written content for websites will not only have to ensure that content is fresh and relevant, but also that it is optimized with specific keywords that will be used to increase your search ranking, bringing more visitors to your site.


We are experienced in creating catchy headers and headlines, while  using applicable keyword density to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our writers keep up with current SEO best practices to ensure that our content writing strategies are most effective in making your site visible.

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