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We focus on web design and development in Bahamas that engage and enhance users’ experience and moreover converts.

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Customized, High-end and Communicative websites that convert prospects into customers!!

We are the pioneers of delivering websites that can make change happen make it count with digitalPIXXELS. 

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The website is the identity of any business. Make it clean, appealing and easy to navigate.  A website means visibility and omnipresence of a business. Let’s make it telling your brand story and share the insights that add value to the visitor.

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What do we offer?

We help the businesses in the Bahamas with the following services:

Web Design Bahamas

If you run a Bahamas-based business and need a web presence that can help you get traffic that can convert to footfall in the local store, contact us for a website that can help you as a sales person. 

We design self-explanatory websites that can engage with the visitor and convert them into brand loyal customers. We use various tools and techniques to build a website in Bahamas that can attract visitors.

E-Commerce Websites

We can offer e-commerce websites that are optimized and intuitive. We are a team of skilled professionals that can ensure you quick results. digitalPIXXELS has delivered hundreds of web design projects on Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

We strive to provide ranking websites with a more enriched shoppers experience and streamlined payment gateway systems. We can ensure you en cash the opportunities of the retail markets with the expertise of digitalPIXXELS.

Local SEO

According to a report, more than 76% of the google searches comprise the local stores, and 28% end up visiting the store on the same day and purchasing.

This is the significance of local SEO. We help you rank for the local search keywords and get maximum footfall to your store with delivering results. Get the best SEO Packages for your project.

Digital Marketing

We craft, develop and brainstorm the business strategies to ensure your business performs well with a maximum number of qualified leads, conversions and sales. We provide full-stack digital marketing services to make your brand more visible, talked about and value-adding to customers’ lives.

Social Media Marketing

With the immense impact of social media on people’s buying behaviour, we analyze and understand the significance of social media platforms. Hence, we capitalize and harness the power of social media marketing to benefit your brand.

Try social media marketing services from digitalPIXXELS to ensure you get the result you always aim for.

Take your business to new heights with digitalPIXXELS

Every business needs a strong web presence. We have helped businesses in the Bahamas to excel with a quality website and other services from digitalPIXXELS. We helped them scale up their branding and revenue to another level.

Let’s figure out how we can help yours to scale up and augment the profit-making process. Read about tips to hire web design company in Bahamas.

Elevate your business with web development company in Bahamas that your customers will love.​

Elevate your business with web development company in Bahamas that your customers will love.​

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Website Features & Functionalities

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Optimized For Search

Our on-page/off-page SEO best practice services enables you to get more from organic and paid searches.

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Easy Administration

Our on-page/off-page SEO best practice services enables you to get more from organic and paid searches.

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Responsive Technology

Your mobile-friendly website will look great on any device – desktop, tablet & mobile.

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Safe & Secure

We implement the latest & greatest in website security. Through our maintenance services, we keep websites secure.

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Fast Loading Websites

Website’s speed matters! We optimize the content so it performs well in your Google Page Speed score.

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Analyze website data

We integrate Google Analytics tools to give you a deep insight into your website’s visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web design is the process of creating and designing websites that are visually appealing and user-friendly. It includes various elements such as layout, color scheme, typography, and graphics.

Good web design is characterized by simplicity, consistency, user-friendliness, accessibility, and visual appeal. A well-designed website should also have a clear and organized layout that is easy to navigate.

Responsive web design is a design approach that allows websites to adapt to different screen sizes and device types. This means that a website will display properly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

UI (user interface) design refers to the design of the interface elements that users interact with on a website, such as buttons, menus, and icons. UX (user experience) design, on the other hand, focuses on the overall experience that users have while using a website, including navigation, content, and interactions.

Website usability refers to how easy it is for users to use and navigate a website. Usability is important because it directly affects the user experience, which in turn affects how users perceive and interact with a website.

A content management system (CMS) allows web designers to easily create and manage website content without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This can save time and increase efficiency, and also allows website owners to update their own content without the need for a developer

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Web designers can play an important role in SEO by optimizing website structure, content, and design elements to ensure that the website is easy to crawl and index by search engines.

The cost of web design varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the website, the size of the project, and the experience and expertise of the designer. A simple website with a few pages can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while a complex website with custom features can cost several thousand dollars or more.


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