Technical Assistance Program (The SBX Program)

Have Been Expanded to 5 Additional Business Owners!
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Successful SBO Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  1. Business must be registered in Miami-Dade County
  2. Business must have more than 51% Black and/or Latin0 ownership
  3. Business must be operating for a minimum of two (2) years
  4. Business’ annual revenue must be less than $500,000
  5. Business must not employ more than ten (10) full-time employees
  6. Business must not contract more than five (5) contractors/1099s
  7. This program is available to 10 qualified candidates in Miami-Dade County who meet the above program requirements and  possess the passion to grow their business.

Intent to Apply For
The SBX Program


Limited to the first 5 Miami Dade Qualified SBOs

Still Accepting Application... Submit Your Application Now!

Steps to Complete the Application

Welcome the the application phase of the SBX Program for  Small Business Owner (SBO) Technical Assistance. The following are the steps to complete the application for consideration in the program:

  1. Small Business Owner (SBO) to confirm they meet all 6 requirements for the program.
  2. Complete the “Intent to Apply for the SBX Program” form.
  3. Download the “SBX Application”.
  4. The completed application and all required documents have to be emailed to:  with the subject line SBX program and company’s name.
  5. Once SBO successfully satisfies the application phase and is approved by The Beacon Council, a meeting will be held between digitalPIXXELS (the Business Technical Assistance [BTA] Provider) and the SBO to complete and sign a  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Action Plan.
  6.  Upon completion of project, SBO will complete 2 Surveys: an SBO Survey and a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey.

Note: SBO is requested to comply will all stipulations and to respond to questions and deliverables in a timely manner to avoid any delays in completion of the project.

Best of  Luck! We are looking forward to working with all the qualifed SBOs.

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